I’ve been warned not to use the “f” word when renovating but, 7 months down the track, we are back in our new lovely home and (for most intents and purposes) finished!! A few loose ends to tie up, but we are loving being in this new space.  Now for the landscaping!!!


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The finer detail…

Painter finished last week and added some of the detail that is starting to make this house feel more like a home – all the colour/detail decisions that I lost sleep over have come together, and we’re really pleased with the results.  Hoping (praying, begging) to move in next weekend, but might be the one after… not long!

This week sees the cabinet maker return to lay the stone benchtops and finish the joinery.  All thats really left is electrical and plumbing – D has nearly finished all the powerpoints and lighting, just need to put in the new sewer system, which means removing half of the outside shed, so that might hold us up a bit. 

Forgot to add the spanking new kitchen in the last post (benchtops, splashback and appliances to follow):


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Floorboards & Joinery

The flooring is complete and looks great.  They were pre-finished boards so took a little more time and care to lay, but well worth the effort (and savings!).  Most of the joinery went in last week as soon as the floor was in.  Just waiting on the stone benchtops which are currently being cut and will be ready to go in mid next week, followed by the kitchen splashback (then oven) and the wall unit shelves.

Was hoping to move in this weekend, but the benchtops have set us back a little and still so much to do: electrical, plumbing, water tank, ducted heating, ducted vac, new sewer… the list goes on.

So we’ll stay on a few more days in the rental and move in weekend after – no time at all!  Painters are nearly finished all the detail – will post those pics up soon.


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Fix Update

Overdue for an update here.  Tiling was finished a few weeks ago, pics below. Really happy with the finish.  The green mosaics in the main bathroom have a kind of opal finish so have flashes of pink etc in the sunlight – nice for the girls room.  Our ensuite has a black textured tile that has quite a dramatic look.

David and Jarrod have been working on the floorboards last week, and should be finished in the next few days, in time for the cabinetry which will start to go in on Wednesday and should be finished by the end of the next week.

Given notice on our dodgy rental – yay.  Hoping to be out weekend after next, but still alot to do, so might be the weekend after.



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Beginning the Fix

The last month has seen all the plastering completed.  Nice to see our strapped ceilings back in all the bedrooms.  Cornice is also up with skirting boards to go on after the floorboards are down.  Al has done a lovely job with the painting.  External now complete (except the pergola which is still being built).  Interior just needs final coat which will go on after all the cabinetry is complete.  Ended up going with Antique White USA full strength on all walls, with quarter strength on ceiling, skirts and all woodwork.  Woodwork (doors, architrave etc will be a semi-gloss which will add to the contrast).  Very white white white, but thats what we were after.  Might do a slight contrast colour with the fireplace – thinking Dulux Hog Bristle – half strength.


Am now on the hunt for the perfect contrast door colour in a full gloss (external only).  Am thinking either a blue or red – similar to below… thoughts?


Bathroom, laundry and powder room cabinetry went in on Friday.  A bit of a lesson learnt in ordering off the internet, as the basins that arrived were a different size than advertised.  However, they were as close as we could find so we adapted.  We have since “centered” the bathroom vanity rather than have it in the corner (as pictured) as it just wasn’t working visually – luckily the plumbing allowed it.  In hindsight, would have preferred Caeserstone on the bathroom benchtop, but the old budget wouldn’t allow…


Tiling happening as I post, which should be complete in the next week.

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Lock Up

Made it to lock up stage, and things are all coming together!

Plaster is on all the walls and ceilings, with cornice going on today.  Internal doors and architraves should be next, with tiling and painting to follow.

Busy ordering all our bits and pieces over the last few weeks.  After changing our mind on our original ensuite design after seeing a pic in a mag, we couldn’t find the featured basin anywhere – but ended going with this, which i think will look great against our black/smoky textured wall tiles.  Ended up getting the tiles at less than half the price originally quoted.  Highly recommend Metric Tiles in Springvale – ordered all my tiles from there last week, at plumbers rates.

OK, so here’s the latest pics…

Hallway Master bedroom girls bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Hallway Lounge Lounge Fireplace

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Debating hearth colours

I’m having a slight change of heart regarding our hearth.  The design will be something like the one on the left, with hearth extending full width of the room. 


Was planning to use the same caesarstone as the kitchen (as it will all be in the same open space).  The colour is Snow, and will have a similar look to the pic on the right, but am starting to wonder whether a contrast might be better.


First example is Snow, other example that I’m thinking of is “Urban”(above), as I like that polished concrete look. All other colours here.

Anyone have an opinion?

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